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Self-help for loving relationships that last

You Can Live Happily Ever After in Love
Timeless Wisdom for Modern Relatiomnships
by Andrew Quinn

The fairytale endings of love in movies and books have long stirred people’s hearts. Hollywood romance movies historically end with their first kiss hinting at ‘happily ever after’. Yet these tales sadly contrast with divorce rates. For most people, romantic love has been a powerful force that at some stage has become conflicted, stagnated or led to the end of the relationship. So where is the truth between the fairytale and the reality? Read More...


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You Can Live Happily Ever After in Love

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This will be of benefit to your current relationship with your long term partner or spouse, or benefit your next relationship if you are single. The ideas equally apply to same-sex couples as we all have a relationship with someone of the opposite psychological sex, irrespective of physical sex.

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