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You Can Live Happily Ever After in Love
Timeless Wisdom for Modern Relatiomnships
by Andrew Quinn

The fairytale endings of love in movies and books have long stirred people’s hearts. Hollywood romance movies historically end with their first kiss hinting at ‘happily ever after’. Yet these tales sadly contrast with divorce rates. For most people, romantic love has been a powerful force that at some stage has become conflicted, stagnated or led to the end of the relationship. So where is the truth between the fairytale and the reality? Read More...


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What is Kabbalah?

'The Middle Pillar - An experiential guide to inner peace through present-centred living.' (200 pages)

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The ancient teachings of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life describes a framework for the human journey with a spiritual based psychology. The reward for personal growth and spiritual development is the peace and harmony of ‘The Middle Pillar’ achieved through present-centred living. This important concept is explored in a way that is meaningful to everyday life, and teaches you how to remove distractions from past regret or future worries, which are generated by fear and anger, hopes and desires.

‘The Middle Pillar’ explores in detail the 'Fight or Flight' or stress response and provides techniques to remove physical tension, emotional turmoil and mental busy-ness that are a result of stress. This is supplemented by learning to connect to all aspects of who you are – your physicality, your emotional inner child and the guidance of your higher self. Being aware of your physicality through fluid movement and sensual awareness reduces tension and assists in embodying your mind. This is a foundation for a deeper connection to the feelings of your inner child for emotional balance, which also promotes a sensitivity to your inner realms to hear the quiet voice of your inner guidance.

This is achieved through simple but effective techniques to deepen your inner connectivity and to flow with the synchronicity of your life. Supplementing this are meditations to better know and transform your inner world. Finally, the importance of patience and beingness is explored to cultivate stillness of the mind and promote inner peace and harmony.

Every moment of life is a chance to learn and experience. Every choice is an opportunity to create the life you wish to live.

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