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You Can Live Happily Ever After in Love
Timeless Wisdom for Modern Relatiomnships
by Andrew Quinn

The fairytale endings of love in movies and books have long stirred people’s hearts. Hollywood romance movies historically end with their first kiss hinting at ‘happily ever after’. Yet these tales sadly contrast with divorce rates. For most people, romantic love has been a powerful force that at some stage has become conflicted, stagnated or led to the end of the relationship. So where is the truth between the fairytale and the reality? Read More...


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'The Tree of Life - A holistic guide through the human journey to transform your life and relationships.' (214 pages)

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Busy lives and a society filled with ego-based values of being more attractive, efficient and perfect inhibits opening the heart to love. Only the heart can transcend the ego and create happiness. This book presents the human journey as one of increasing self-awareness to create loving relationships and achieve life fulfilment. You will find practical advice on how to increase your capacity to love and define your life-purpose, using a spiritual based psychology to guide your personal development.

These concepts are conveyed simply, yet powerfully, through full-page psychological models of the human psyche, which are based on the ancient knowledge of Kabbalah’s ‘Tree of Life’. These spiritual teachings are still relevant today and have been modernised through five new models of the human psyche that display modern psychological concepts in a way that reflects everyday challenges and relationship issues.

These models anchor the concepts for the reader by providing a framework for the information presented. There are also practical guidelines on assertion, communication and how to deepen intimacy. Our ability to relate intimately holds the key to our happiness, which can be achieved through transforming our psychological shadow to light. 

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