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You Can Live Happily Ever After in Love
Timeless Wisdom for Modern Relatiomnships
by Andrew Quinn

The fairytale endings of love in movies and books have long stirred people’s hearts. Hollywood romance movies historically end with their first kiss hinting at ‘happily ever after’. Yet these tales sadly contrast with divorce rates. For most people, romantic love has been a powerful force that at some stage has become conflicted, stagnated or led to the end of the relationship. So where is the truth between the fairytale and the reality? Read More...


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What is Kabbalah?

What is Kabbalah? Kabbalah's 'Tree of Life'
Kabbalah is an ancient tradition that is thousands of years old. It is an esoteric tradition and is the mystical form of Judaism. Its most important symbol is the Tree of Life, which is depicted on the right. Each branch of the Tree of Life have Hebrew names, which are translated in the brackets.

Kabbalah provides a way of understanding unity consciousness through lessons of balance of the left and right pillars, which increases your balance and harmony of the middle pillar.

Teachings have been passed down orally for thousands of years, which has preserved the teachings of Kabbalah and ensured it was taught to those who were ready to grasp its truths.

Pathworking is a Kabbalah method to use the energies of each branch of the Tree of Life in order to promote psychological development. There is also ritual or ceremonial practices which further enable a person to experience higher dimensions of existence.

When first reading about Kabbalah, the more you read the more you can become confused. This is as Kabbalah is a way of life and requires a degree of study and dedication. What I have endeavoured to do with my two books is take the principles of Kabbalah's Tree of Life and made it extremely relevant to everyday issues of stress, relationships and life crisis. This has been achieved by describing the Psychological Tree of Life, and creating five more versions of this tree in order to display modern psychological concepts. These models build upon each other and provide a framework for understanding the struggles and confusions of the human journey.

The end result is what I have named Self-transformation Therapy. This form of therapy both includes and extends other schools of therapy, while also simplifying vitally important concepts in a way in which people can readily identify their own stress, relationship and life crisis issues.

If you wish to read introductory texts to Kabbalah which are easy to read and practical, try one of the following two books:
- 'Kabbalah' by Paul Roland (Piatkus Publishing: London)
- 'Living Kabbalah' by Maggie Whitehouse
(Hamlyn-Octopus Publishing: London)

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Feminine Pillar
Chokmah (Understanding)

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